The Ministry

Saving Souls.
Transforming Lives.
Healing Hearts, Minds and Marriages with The Word.
Our Mission

DEBORAH ROSS MINISTRIES is a worldwide ministry focused on saving souls, transforming lives and healing hearts, minds, and marriages with The Word of God.


We believe that the Word of God holds the key that unlocks the door to the soul. Only God's Word has the power to save, deliver, heal, restore and redeem broken humanity.


The heart of our mission is to empower people of all cultures, generations and denominations to live in freedom by equipping them with truth.


Our goal is to impart life transforming principles from God's Word in atmosphere of faith. We teach God's people how to cultivate fertile ground – in the soil of their own heart and life – so that the miracle working power of the Word of God will be released, creating change for the better.


DRM exists with many outreach branches of ministry for the purpose of reaching the diverse needs of those around us. Our primary methods of outreach are listed below:


  • Conferences, Retreats, Seminars, Revivals, Events, Special Services
  • Television, Radio and Social Media Broadcasts
  • Books, Podcasts, Blogs and other Resources
  • Biblical Counseling, Consulting and Mentoring
  • Prison Crusades, Foreign Missions and Holy Land Tours




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