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By Amy Steward
You know we are no surprise to God. He made us, loves us, and APPROVES of us. He may not approve of the things we do, but He approves of us. We should be shouting for joy, lifting our faces because we have God on our side. Tooting our horn!
Am I the only one who breathes a sigh of relief when I swipe my debit card to see the word APPROVED on the screen?(especially during this season?) It's funny I know, but it actually puts a smile on my face. When I see the word APPROVED. I feel a sense of YESSSSS I am approved, woohoo! I kind of walk out of the store feeling a little taller, I sort of strut out of the store, looking at people with an expression of "Hey, I am APPROVED!" Ok, maybe it's just me. But I suppose unless you have been in the position of seeing the word DECLINED, or DENIED you may not understand what I am talking about. I have been on that end more than once. When you see that word, you feel embarrassed, humiliated, your shoulders and head droop, and you just want to run far, far away and hope you never see those people again.

I think you may know where I am going with this blog this morning. I have a friend who is struggling with the sense of approval.She has never really had a sense of how wonderful she is, how her personality lifts everyone's spirits when she is around. She only feels that she has never quite measured up to her peers. Which by the way is not true! Notice that I said, SHE feels. I was studying the words favor and approval in my Bible this morning and I would like to share these verses with you, they are familiar but it never hurts to be reassured.

Jeremiah 1:5
Before I formed you in the womb I knew and approved of you as my chosen instrument and before you were born I separated and set you apart consecrating you and appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

Psalm 89:17
For You God are the glory of their strength, their adornment, and by your favor our horn is exalted and we walk with uplifted faces.

Psalm 5:11-12
Let all those who take refuge in and put their trust in you rejoice, Let them ever sing and shout for joy because you make a covering over them and defend them. Let those who love your name be joyful in you and be in high spirits. 12. For you Oh Lord will bless the uncompromisingly righteous (him who is upright and in right standing with you.) as with a shield you
will surround him with goodwill pleasure and favor.

You know we are no surprise to God. He made us, loves us, and APPROVES of us. He may not approve of the things we do, but He approves of us. If He did not love us just the way we are, He would leave us hanging wouldn't He? Verse 11 is a wonderful promise for us isn't it? We should be shouting for joy, lifting our faces because we have God on our side. Tooting our horn! And when you read on to verse 12, this promise is for the uncompromisingly righteous, those in right standing with God. They are the ones who find favor, goodwill and pleasure.

Now, when I was not as mature in the Lord, I would have read that verse thinking that I would have to be absolutely perfect to obtain God's favor, and that if I did the slightest thing wrong, I was written out of the Lamb's Book of Life. WRONG, we are righteous through Jesus Christ. My feeling is as long as we are striving toward perfection, we have God's favor. We have to strive toward the goal. Yep, we are going to mess up, we are human, God knows that, but thankfully He has gives us grace and mercy. He APPROVES of us.

Jeremiah 1:5 says that we have been set apart and chosen to be prophets to the nations. God has chosen us! It should make us walk a little taller to know that the God of the universe has chosen us! He APPROVES of us. He finds FAVOR in us. He wants us to carry out His word to the world around us. How we can do that if we are feeling DENIED, with our heads hung low because we
don't feel like we are up to standards in the world's eyes, or if we feel like we have not lived right today, and we feel like, "God could never use someone like me, I use relief words. (Hey, I am working on that)_ Snap out it! We are in right standing with the ALMIGTY,,,,HELLO!!! We should be walking around with our heads held high, (not boastful) just with an inner-confidence that we APPROVED by God.

I can't say that I have really obtained this concept all the way. I still feel a little unworthy sometimes because I don't have the education, the financial status of a lot of my peers, but you know, it's ok. God has a plan for me. He set me apart for His glory, and though I am not the most perfect, far from it, I am striving toward that goal everyday. And I screw up, a lot, and when I do, I ask for forgiveness and move on. I want to be in right standing with my Father. I don't have to seek His approval I already have it, and He is the one that matters.

So the next time you see the word APPROVED on the debit card screen at the store, walk taller with your head held high, and say YEP, I am APPROVED! People will wonder what you are smiling about and then you get to tell them!!

By: Amy Steward

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