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Christine M. Post
September 5, 2016
Please pray that God restores my health. I am working very hard to restore my health by going to the doctor, seeing a nutritionist, taking medication, taking supplements, eating a strict healthy diet. I believe God is the great physician and healer. I know he also works through others. I am surrendering my body, mind, and soul to the Lord. I release control. Please pray the Lord heals my body, mainly my GI tract. In Jesus name Amen
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 13, 2016
Please pray for mine and my husband's deliverance. We have been separated for a long time and we need prayer for our reconciliation I need prayer in agreement that we will be reconciled and that the Lord will use us for his Glory. I know he has us separated right now for a reason and I just need strength guidance and healing for both of us. We need a breakthrough please help us by praying David and I are both in need of the Lord he is good and I pray he is glorified through our story and reconciliation his name is David and my name is Jill
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 28, 2016
I am praying for a new job. My management is making my work life very stressful and tumultuous. I'm having a hard time, and they are being dishonest. I pray another opportunity opens up and that I learn from this lesson. I also pray that I show them God's love somehow. It's extremely difficult showing God's love when the people are not acting very lovable.
william s. Post
July 21, 2016
To meet a beautiful professional career woman who is a Christian for friendship and be positive influence.God will send me that special woman .For early retirement.My fiance's.To be blessed.With a Interstate/highway legal motor scooter .A .brand new one .For miracles blessings and hehealings in all areas of my life .
Greg C. Post
June 19, 2016
I'm praying for restoration with my girlfriend Carrie. I broke trust and crushed her by allowing someone to message me on Facebook. i never met the person ever. Carrie ( my gf) and I are soveriegn, madly in love, and planning marriage. Now no communications. We are in 40's with kids. I am devastated. She isn't wanting to forgive, I since have quit drinking, seeking counseling. I am scared my doubt is hindering prayer. I love God and pray he will restore us, we wanted a life together. I feel hopeless and worthless even though I know God loves me.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 5, 2016
Please pray for the restoration of mu marriage.pray God to block my husband joackim with thorns of bushes and not get satisfaction with other women until hr comes back to our marriage
Crystal G. Post
May 29, 2016
Dear All, I am Crystal. I have been happily married with my husband James for 6 years 6 months. We got married in the church in front of God. Everything was perfect and everyone use to call us the perfect couple. We went everywhere together, we laughed joked, watched movies together, I used to cook for him every day because he would like when I used to cook for him something. I will never forget we used to hold each other’s hand and fall off to sleep every day. But suddenly things started to change because of his family, his parents don’t like me, they have the habit of using black magic, and everybody knows about it. My husband James changed a lot because of this negative influence working on him and suddenly one day he left and does not want to be with me. But he tells me that he loves me, he cries over the phone and he keeps on telling me that when his parents will die he will come to me, he is forgetting things now, he has become very aggressive and he doesn’t listen to what I say but he does want to talk to me. He is telling me that he has nightmares and his mom does not want him to come to me where we used to live. I know I am a sinner and I am sorry for all my sins but I loved my husband a lot and did whatever I could to keep him happy. I want everyone to pray for me so that my husband James realizes the importance of our marriage and comes back to me and so that we can live happily forever with God's blessing.
Elizabeth C. Post
May 19, 2016
Please pray for marriage restoration for Mary and Willie. Thank you.
Denise H. Post
May 12, 2016
Please pray for the marriage restoration of Christopher Jason and Denise. Christopher has been deceived by the enemy and fallen into his hands. Please pray that Christopher Jason will find no satisfaction in the arms of his lovers. Please pray a hedge of thorns around him that he will no longer find these adulterous women to have relations with. Please pray that he turns to God and accepts him into his heart and then returns to his family. Please pray that Christopher Jason will only have eyes and desire for me, as the wife of his youth. God Bless all of you!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 26, 2016
Please pray for my husband and I marriage to be restored. My husband left two months ago, and the enemy has been pressing very hard to discourage me, but he is the father of lies. For Our God says he hates divorce and separation. Marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled. He who findeth a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. I pray that someone comes into his life and remind him about the sanctity of our marriage covenant, that like the prodigal son he will come to his senses and return home. I am asking for the saints of God to stand in agreement with me for complete restoration of my marriage. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We must put on the whole armour of God. I pray that the angels will war mightily on my behalf from ever corner of the earth. Praying for others during this season as well. I know in the end we win through the blood of Jesus!
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