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We Stand With God / A Call to Obedience

By Leslie Pressley
God's Word is Truth. Jesus is the Light in a dark depraved world. The Light exposes the dark. A Christian cannot have one foot in this world and one foot in God's kingdom, it's all or not at all...As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


I recently read an article written by a friend of mine, who stated her belief's on taking a stand for our Christian values. She wrote about how the evil of this world is coming through our homes through television shows that twist and pervert the true meaning of family. I agree with her.

Satan is attacking our homes. If he can pervert what defines a family, according to God, then he can change what God intended marriage to be, between a man and a woman. We, as Christians, are being bombarded with his attacks on our families, our children, our beliefs. Through all types of media, images and music, even a simple commercial, which was once harmless, is no longer safe for our children to watch. We know the times we are in are difficult, but to simply, "give in" and "tolerate" this sin is still sin in God's eyes.

Christians must take a stand against sin, and it starts in the home with parents who both believe in the Word of God and believe that Jesus Christ is in the very center of their marriage. He is the Rock and if you build your marriage on the Rock, it can withstand any storm. Also, the belief in the sanctity of marriage. It is a sacred bond that will grow when it's rooted firmly in the ground and fed by the Holy Spirit. Marriage is not to be taken lightly, but with seriousness in that you are entering into a sacred and a Holy covenant with another and before a Holy God.

Imagine marriage as a flower. First, a seed...planted and buried deep within the earth, buried...just as we die to ourselves when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. We also die to our own self-centeredness when we promise ourselves to another in marriage. As the seed is buried, it begins to reach out, forming roots, searching for water. Just as in marriage, we reach out to each other for our nourishment and our continued growth, and as Christians, the same applies. We reach out for the Living Water, God's Word, and we continue to grow. We push through the soil of this life with God's Strength in us because we are being fed daily by His Word. Until, one day...we break through the soil and bloom into a beautiful flower, strong in the Lord, able to withstand the heavy rains that come and beautiful for all to see, continually we continue to reach for the Son!

A Christian's lifestyle has no place for sin. Of course we all sin. We are not perfect, but we strive daily to live out our lives before God as Christ lives through us. When we sin knowingly, it grieves the Holy Spirit within you - once you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Turning from sin restores your relationship with God. He is Faithful and Just to forgive you of all of your sins. ~1 John 1:9~

In our homes, we must never tolerate sin. Once you tolerate a little, then it's easier each time, until one day, you may look around you and not recognize your home anymore. If you don't take the easy stands against sin, like the definition of marriage, which is clearly defined in the Bible, how will you ever face a hard stand against sin?

Forgiveness from God frees you through His Son Jesus and there is nothing in this world that can bring Peace inside of you other than being right with God. Jesus is Peace...He is the Prince of Peace, He alone can only bring Peace to your soul.

God's Word is Truth. Jesus is the Light in a dark depraved world. The Light exposes the dark. A Christian cannot have one foot in this world and one foot in God's kingdom, it's all or not at all...As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. ~Joshua 24:15~

Television, music, computers, all types of media are assailing our is what God hates, and I, personally live my life by hating what God hates and loving what God's called obedience. This isn't my opinion or the opinion of other is what God's Word says, if you think it's cruel, insensitive, all means take it up with the God of this Universe who has power over all...but, on a human level, just as an unbeliever has a right to speak their beliefs, we too as Christians have every right to speak and stand up against what is bombarding our culture, our children and care about where our nation is heading.

God hates sin, He hated it so much that He sent His only Son to die for it. He doesn't "laugh" at it, like the way this world thinks He does. He doesn't "tolerate" it, like we are told we have to do in this world. He dealt with it! Some may say that I am narrow-minded or judgemental...we should call sin what it is. Narrow is the way that leads to life through Jesus, broad is the way that leads to death and destruction, and that is the way of this world. I want to be on the narrow path that leads to eternal life with our Lord Jesus. ~ Matthew 7:13-14~

Some may also say...what would Jesus do? As you read your Bible, it tells you what He would do with sin. First of all, He suffered and died on a cross, despised by all men for all sin. Once you accept Him and are a born again Christian, you are to turn from sin and live for Him...not make a mockery out of the grace that He has given all of us freely. And you are mocking what He did for you when you decide to live in sin and do it your way and not His. ~Galatians 6:7, Proverbs 14:9, Romans 3:8~ Once you say yes to Jesus, you no longer live for you. ~Romans 6:6-8

This is Good News! His Righteousness has covererd all sin, once you have accepted Him then you obey Him, live for Him, follow Him...suddenly the things which use to seem funny or tolerable around you or in your home, they will no longer look the same. They will appear ugly, hurtful and grieve the very Spirit that now has taken up residence in your heart. You will want what God wants and you will live in Peace with Jesus Christ living and abiding with you daily. Not peace like this world has, but a Peace that surpasses ALL understanding. ~Philippians 4:7

Written by Leslie Pressley

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