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Are You Involved in Concision?

John Hurley is the teacher of ARM (Addiction Recovery Ministry) in Monroe, NC. He sends out daily emails from hi personal study time with the Lord. This article reflects his findings on how to help a baby Christian to overcome and grow up out of a lifestyle of sin.

Hello Christ Followers,

Paul constantly was checking up on those he had led to the Lord and admonishing them when he knew they were wrong. He helped them understand being a "doer" of the word. We need take note of one thing in particular as we follow his pattern. He always pointed to Christ and His Word - not people and opinions. How can we be effective and constructive?

Always address or confront the person you are trying to help personally and do not talk about what he or she should do behind their back. Personally give them an opportunity to examine themselves in light of the Holy Scriptures - whether they are walking it out or not.

This word "concision" jumped out at me today as I studied:

Philippians 3:2"Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of concision."

Concision = a cutting down, a mutilation

Did you know that this does happen in the body of Christ?  Did you know that weaker Christians who fail to study the word, pray, and develop their own personal relationship will sometimes act as dogs, evil doers and in "concision" - even against the body. They are those who constantly tear down and point to others faults? If a person who knows the truth, fails to tell others, what help are they in the body. Why does this (concision) happen?

Because they still have more confidence in their flesh and have not learned to hate sin. Immature Christians tend to tear others down, yes even mutilate, in order to make themselves feel better. In other words they make other Christians their standard barrier and not Christ.

Philippians 3:2 - "For we are of the circumcision, which worship God in spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh." SELAH

Jesus Christ is our Standard barrier,

John (and Vanessa) Hurley


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